Life Story

Dear Ingrid,

Do you ever get the sense that your life is a story? That as you stumble through each day just plain old living - brushing your teeth, solving algebraic equations, pumping your legs back and forth, back and forth on the swings at recess - that the story, your story, is being written?


This is exactly the sort of free thinking, come what may, fly by the seat of our pants attitude that has defined our New England vacation. I’d thought about creating an itinerary - planned for weeks to plan one - but couldn’t get motivated, then rubber met tarmac at Boston Logan.

The Summer of Sourdough

“I feel like a rat in a cage,” Sean had said and I understood though for me the feeling’s more akin to launching myself repeatedly with gusto against the walls of a padded room.

Clean Slate

If you live in Chardon tomorrow’s a big day – the last day of school before summer vacation.  Is it me or is everyone feeling a little bit freer already? 

Chardon's Center for Self-Indulgence

Has self-sacrifice left you at a loss?  Self-discipline beating you down?  Are you tied up in knots in the name of self-restraint?  Should you find your willpower waning, come to the place where excess is admirable, where guilty pleasures meet instant gratification*, where vice begets virtue. Pay a visit (it’s free!) to Chardon’s Center for Self-Indulgence.

Spring Straightening

If you’ve come to know me at all it won’t surprise you that I peddle as many romantic ideas about spring cleaning as I do about most things.  It’s a trifecta of dopamine-inducing circumstances:  the change of seasons, celebrating traditions, a clean house.

The Luckiest Man in Chardon

In a darkened television studio beneath the glow of spotlights the woman who’s spent more than fifty years proving Bill Manning a lucky man enters three numbers into a touch screen, locks them in. 

Meyer Family Musings

I’ve sent Astrid downstairs so I can finish a post I’ve been working on. She returns fifteen minutes later to show me a craft she made - a laptop out of paper.

The Vocal Local

In case you’ve not yet been to the Square this week - shame on you - allow me to tell you of the intriguing new signs that await and not just those of spring.