Toy Story

When my children’s toys break they await repair in our ‘fixing bin’.  These items are it’s current contents.  This is their story.

Regular Joe

It’s your average weekday morning and I’m busy perpetuating stereotypes.  Clad in designer yoga attire having delivered the kids to school I scribble story ideas in a notebook at a small table inside the warm cocoon that is Beans, our community coffee shop on the Square.

Sixteen Again

It’s a weekday morning at 8:15am and I’m hurrying across the parking lot of our local Dunkin’ Donuts with my head down hoping no one I know will see me.  I’m a healthy eater, usually; one of those really annoying ones who talks about it. 

In Anticipation of Spring

Last week as my family and I were walking our dog my youngest daughter excitedly pointed out the fuzzy buds* of the magnolia tree on the southeast corner of the Square.  This got me excited, too.