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25 Signs of Fall in Chardon

25 Signs of Fall in Chardon


While it may not officially transition to fall for three more days just try telling that to Chardon and its residents. Here are 25 reasons to believe autumn has arrived early in our fair city:

  1. Pumpkins are prominently displayed on the porches of at least five homes on Ferris Avenue. I’m biased but this makes me gloriously happy

  2. Trees in the Square are beginning to change color, sure only one or two and only at the top but proof is proof

  3. The fall drink menu is now available at Beans Coffee Shop - Pumpkin Spice Frappe, Raspberry Truffle Mocha, Cozy Creme Brûlée Latte. Need I say more?

  4. I’m in full-on home improvement mode. The first project, kitchen under-cabinet lighting, is now complete! Further evidence - I’m binging past episodes of HGTV’s Home Town while I await the new season in 2020

  5. Corn stalks, pumpkins and hay bales adorn all pathways leading into the Square

  6. The true harbinger of autumn, Chardon’s Harvest Handmade Market, has come and gone. Similarly, the passing of the Great Geauga County Fair signaled the unofficial end of summer

  7. The Chardon Library is featuring a display of pumpkin-themed books for all ages - titles such as The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine, Spooky & Bright and Drums of Autumn - including a guessing jar replete with candy corn

  8. Early morning fog and afternoon rains, Mother Nature’s palate cleanser

  9. Any child under the age of twelve can already tell you what they plan to dress up as for Halloween. I’ll be wandering our city streets with Delta, Blue and Echo from Jurassic World

  10. I’ve fallen easily into my typical cycle of deep-diving into a little bit of everything Chardon - community organizations, volunteering, etc. - as opposed to summer when I put everything aside for travel, travel, travel

  11. Thermometers are vacillating with daily highs somewhere between 65 and 85 degrees

  12. Patterson Fruit Farm’s Family Fun Fest kicked off last weekend

  13. The display window at The Nest puts any debate on the subject to rest, artfully mixing hand-painted furniture, decorative leaves, pumpkins, patterned pillows and festive decor

  14. The Geauga Lyric Theater is eagerly promoting their new season beginning with Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap opening on the 27th, a classic murder mystery for all ages

  15. My family’s husky/golden lab mix, Scout, has commenced scooting his bottom around the house and yard again. He’s learned to anticipate our grocery store’s seasonal restocking of organic pumpkin puree, a trusted home-remedy for a common canine affliction

  16. I’ve begun rewatching Gilmore Girls from the very first episode, season one

  17. Sean’s been playing Madden NFL on PlayStation

  18. Next Saturday is our yearly Trash Day! See #8 here for more on our city-wide community treasure hunt

  19. My youngest daughter, Astrid, has commenced her annual pumpkin bread baking operation - something like 4 Sundays at 4 loaves/Sunday. Coming soon to residents of Ferris Avenue!

  20. The Browns - will this be the year?

  21. Mary Glauser, Executive Director of Chardon Tomorrow, is turning heads all over town with her gorgeous new red tresses

  22. I’m feeling in the mood to curl up with one of local author Sara Dobie Bauer’s haunting novels

  23. The menu at Bass Lake Tavern is once again featuring pot roast!!

  24. Apple picking season at Ransom Sage Farm has come to an end. It’s pumpkin time!

  25. School’s back in session, a sign of fall? Agree to disagree

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